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Filmmakers » Actor, Fan, Director, Director of Production

Alek is a writer/animator/director, also concept artist/storyborard artist/designer/background artist/compositor/post-production artist who also works with photography, graphic art and comics.
His animations won numerous international film festival awards and toured half of the world shown on festivals, events, TV shows, seminars, galleries and concerts in places all over the world, including Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Norway, Greece, Macedonia, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the USA.

2011 Lucky Day Forever / Lucky Day Forever (short, anim.)
2007 A Christmas Special or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Christmas (short, anim.)
2006 Elegia Wisielca / Hanged Man’s Elegy (short, anim.)
2005 Polsupah (short, anim.)
2004 Smile! (short, anim.)
2003 Aura (short, anim.)