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DOTA 2 Player
I am a Gamer.

Just because I like Tetris, doesn't make me a sexist.

Just because I stay up later, doesn't make me a hater.

Some of our youth, may be more than uncouth.

But to paint us all the same color, only makes your argument duller.

We are not all white males, some of us are of the other.

All in all though, we are all brothers.

United we stand, Divided we fall, Gamer was a label, that fitted us all.

Now we see the evil ,that has been hiding in our midst. When in reality, the true gamer is an equalist.

It is time to root out the trolls, to let the world see the truth in all of this.

So don't let the recent media quash our fun, we only wish to hide from the sun, while we make that fat little plumber run.