A Breast Cancer Patient Speaks Out

Uploaded on Tuesday 13 March 2012


Nicole Donlon
Professional Dancer
Director, Reflections in Dance
Staten Island, NY

Physican: Patrick I. Borgen, MD
Chair, Department of Surgery
Director, Maimonides Breast Cancer Center
Brooklyn, New York

When Nicole Donlon first notice a lump in her breast, she went to her local physician who told her it was nothing to worry about. When the lump didn’t go away, she decided to get a second opinion and, thankfully, she ended up in the care of Patrick Borgen, MD, the Head of Surgery and Director of Maimonides Breast Cancer Center. In the course of being treated for a particularly virulent cancer at Maimonides, Nicole’s life changed in ways she ultimately describes as positive. She became more involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and she found strength in her ability to cope with the side effects of her treatment. When her cancer recurred, Nicole faced this setback with firm resolve and re-connected with her spirituality in the process.


Language: English

Length: 07:02

Country: United States