Uploaded on Tuesday 28 June 2011


An ex-criminal turned “man of God” is challenged by a ghost from the past who lures him back to his crime-ridden life of addiction.

A TEQUILA WITH GOD is a tale built around an altar boy, Hector, who at the age of 12 was lured into the gang and became a hard-core criminal and consequently spent 22 years in prison and ended up as a heavy heroin addict. After he sank unfathomably low he decided to kill himself by overdose. He injected three times more heroin than should have been enough to kill him, but he survived!

God, whom Hector had been challenging for most of his crime-ridden life, answered Hector’s last defiant call by appearing to him at the very moment he should have died. That was the moment of change, in which Hector broke with the ghosts of his past, got clean, and since that day serves God as the most convincing servant the Lord has ever had on Earth, a humble man who now works as director of the Casa de Restauración (House of Restoration), an addict recovery home in Tijuana.


Language: English

Length: 7 minutes

Country: Mexico