Admonsters Ops Advertiser Network Conference - Ashley Paczolt - Altitude Digital Partners

Uploaded on Monday 8 October 2012


Ashley Paczolt is the Director of Operations at Altitude Digital Partners.

In this video, she introduces us to AdMonsters Ops, an event for online advertising leaders, where they tackle the big issues and learn to leverage operations for increased profitability. Agencies are looking to Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), Real Time Bidding engines (RTB) and Ad Exchanges to more efficiently buy the audiences advertisers want to reach. Publishers are automating workflow and developing yield management capabilities to maximize revenue. Online advertising networks add value as they evolve and reduce friction in the marketplace. At the core of all these changes and suddenly thrust into the spotlight, are ad operations teams.

Altitude Digital Partners is the 54th fastest growing company in the nation, the first in the state, and the 10th in their industry.

Ashley Paczolt has spent her entire career focused on online advertising operations and trafficking. Ashley was Altitude Digital Partners 3rd hire and is proud of the incredible growth that she has been a part of. She is currently the company’s Director of Operations; her responsibilities include day to day operations issues and needs, managing the operations team, and working closely with premium partners.

Ashley has worked with at least 7 different ad servers and continues to increase this number as she begins to master the online video advertising branch of Altitude Digital, Visualtising. She is constantly improving her work in the industry by trying to keep up on industry trends and forecasting where things may be headed. She works hand in hand with advertisers to help optimize publishers’ accounts, by increasing their bottom line and improving user experience. With her incredible work ethic she continues to identify new revenue potential for websites, improves ad quality throughout the network, provides advertisers with premium traffic, and personally works with clients to teach them the ins and outs of the online advertising industry. Ashley has a beagle, Bailey, who she frequently hikes with in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Ashley graduated from the University of Portland in Portland, where she double majored in psychology and sociology.


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