Advanced Truth

Uploaded on Monday 28 July 2014


Advanced Truth

Advanced truth – Synopsis

Advanced Truth is a Film depicting “The Nature of Things” – visualizing the subconscious world of imagination, meta imagery and using this “unpredictability” and “accidents” as a metaphor for the internet. Things that seem unreal and utterly uncanny. However, resonating with many of us by stimulating the limbic system of ancient fears and emotions of the “human animal”.

This imagination is revealed by the possibility of today’s revolutionizing computer technology and software. More important, is the Code the, “Driving Force” behind these software. Maybe a sort of universal code if you will…

This “code” was also used in a metaphorical sense in the film, by triggering an capturing generative motion. The main concept behind the film “Advanced Truth” is to use the 3D environment of an application and to film the animated objects and events as in real life, as though we would experience them in virtual reality.

Let’s see what the future brings and how this new technology and Advanced Truth will hopefully affect the consciousness of future humans in a positive way.


Language: English

Length: 4:55

Country: Germany