Afghanistan Culture - Francesco Rulli

Uploaded on Thursday 6 September 2012


Afghanistan has influences of Aramaic, Greek, Persian, Hindu, and Mongol cultures. Francesco Rulli says that the structure of Afghanistan reminds him of the once-feudal system of Italy, where every little town used to have its own monarchy. In this video, Rulli talks about Afghanistan's culture since he's been exposed to it early this year. Rulli also talks about the cultural restraints of the country and how it resulted in lack of education. Social media, he says, is a great tool to enliven Afghanistan's culture and present it to the world, stronger that it's ever been. Francesco's conversation links back to his blogs available on his personal page.

To read Francesco's blog about Afghanistan's currency and GDP, visit this page. For more information, visit the Afghan Development Initiative and the Afghan Development Web TV.


Language: English

Length: 04:30

Country: United States

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