Amanda Seyfried Talks About "Gone" and "Lovelace"

Uploaded on Thursday 23 February 2012


Amanda Seyfried has gone from a musical ingenue in "Mamma Mia!" to a hapless woman looking for her sister's abductor in the female-centric thriller "Gone." She plays Jill, a normal student whose life turns for the worse when her sister is taken by a serial killer. The problem is, Jill thinks he's the same serial killer who abducted her before but no one wants to believer her, not even the police. They all think she's crazy. Tan dan dan...

I sat down with the actress to talk about:

*** her attraction to making "Gone"
*** the script by Allison Burnett
*** what attracted her to Jill
*** women as natural nurturers
*** driving a real mean SUV -- and doing her own driving stunts
*** "Lovelace" and her throat! HA!
*** her excitement to work as Cosette in "Les Miserables"

Have fun!


Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States