Ancient Mariners Yesteryear Sail Regatta-HD

Uploaded on Monday 9 May 2011


Ancient Mariners Yesteryear Sail Regatta-HD
This is a short 9min.version of the sailing film presenting San Diegos Ancient Mariners Sailing Society's "Yesteryear Regatta" one of the most scenic sail boat races in the world!

Sponsored by the Southwest Yacht club this film features classic antique wooden sailboats racing under full sail in multiple classes racing in an event that is one of the few places one can see classic wooden sailboats-from sloops and cutters to massive schooners in action on the beautiful San Diego Bay.
No plastic boats allowed in this race!

Music orchestrated by composer Herlen Galvez. This is a 9 min.short from the 45 min. full length broadcast HD version. Produced by Xcorps Action Sports TV.
Co produced by Dave Easter.
Created by J.Stuart Edmondson 2008
©2011 TheXcorps


Language: English

Length: 9:28

Country: United States