Are Crooks Dishonest?

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


Miss Goulash has just finished conducting a séance at the Mystic Temple, so she and her father decide to take a walk to the park. Meanwhile, two con men are in the park, playing a confidence game with the use of fake jewelry. They succeed in conning Professor Goulash and several other targets. But when they try their trick on Miss Goulash, she becomes suspicious. She soon tricks them out of their money, and gets them pursued by the police. When the con men try to elude a police officer by hiding in the Mystic Temple, they soon find themselves in another battle of wits with Miss Goulash.


Language: Silent

Length: 13 min

Country: United States

Creative Commons License

Are Crooks Dishonest? by Gilbert Pratt is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.