Batad Rice Terraces in Ifugao Experience

Uploaded on Sunday 12 March 2017


I am proud to check off another destination out of our bucket list. This time ticking off the beautiful place up north in Batad, Ifugao. This is the famous rice terraces of the Philippines which has been listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Ifugao.

We arrived in Batad under the beautiful day with the sun shining so brightly with our heavy backpacks so we decided to get a rest first and then proceed with the tour by the afternoon. We gladly got a good sleep and ordered food from the Batad Inn which we were also staying.

We originally didn't get a tour guide since we planned of just simply walking around the terraces and take photos, in fact we don't want to go to any other location but just the rice terraces. But since we got lost on our way to the inn, we decided to get one, a 14 year old boy named Charlie whom we found while we were lost.

After lunch we took our time walking around with Charlie leading the way plus another tour guide, a dog named Rambo! It was so cute to realize that the dog was helping us out during the tour. We went from the bottom going up towards the top where the top view of the terraces was located.

It was so hot that day and we were also climbing a steep cemented ladder going up, we had to sit down a lot of times and observe the beauty around us. Then we had to proceed again and as it was getting higher in altitude, I was almost fainting too. It was a hard climb but the beauty around was also very nice that it fueled me to get up and walk again towards the top.

Finally after the long walk, I had a glimpse of the beauty in front of us. I couldn't breathe anymore but gladly there's a store at the top with very pricey drinks, a water bottle which costs Php 25 in Cebu costs Php 70 there. The bottle of gatorade costs Php 70 as well.

But I definitely understand the high price, imagine someone bringing those bottles from the main highway towards the Batad community then up towards the top plus the ice cubes!

Anyway, hopefully you'll appreciate the beauty that we had experienced too through the video we had compiled here. Enjoy!


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