Black Mary

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


A young girl wants to be a bushranger like her heroine, Black Mary. She imagines that Black Mary led a life of freedom and adventure, living with the notorious bushranger Michael Howe, in Van Dieman’s land. However, she discovers that Australia’s bushranger history is different to her imaginings … she is drawn into a dark world of violence and revenge.

She learns the true story of how Black Mary, a half-caste girl who lived in the early 1800s, was stolen from her tribe. Black Mary became the companion of the vicious bushranger Michael Howe. They developed an adventurous life as outlaws – until the day that he betrayed her. Recovering from serious injury, Black Mary used her skills as a tracker to seek revenge.

Reading the tale of Black Mary provides a temporary refuge for the girl's wild spirit. But she learns that there is a larger, darker world of truths beyond her suburban horizon.

Jo Rye is the Director and Animator of 'Black Mary'. If you would like to learn more about this project, you can contact Jo via email, at .

Director / Animator: Josella Rye
Storyboards / Backgrounds / Characters: Josella Rye
Composer / Sound Design (original soundtrack): David Adam
Voice Actor: Russell Healy
Singers: Naomi Henderson (Dandelion Wine), Sarah Carroll (ex Git-gal)
Motion Actors: Brendan Kaufmann, Tim Harris


Language: English

Length: 06'26

Country: Australia