Calligraphy Time: Contentment is the Enemy of Progress

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 May 2017


"Contentment is the enemy of progress"

A quote by Simon Cade, a videographer whom my husband has been following for quite sometimes and he had learned a lot about video filming. We learned about it when watching one of his vlogs on YouTube. At the end of his video, he had stated this quote and it had stuck on my head. So thought it would be nice to have it written on my notebook.

So what does this quote means? For me, being an enemy means being a hindrance to your progress. If one would just be contented with their output even if they know for themselves that they still can do better, that would definitely gets in the way for progress and improving their skills.

Another point would be if someone doesn't practice, if one won't do effort to enhance their skills, that pretty means they are contented with their skills that they get too confident and eventually would just sit there and won't get their hands on totally contented with what they have.

I believe that those who are successful in their respective lives have made extra effort and exerted their best to become better and better in their selected fields. Indeed it is important to always strive for greatness and improvement in each and every craft you embrace so don't be contented. Practice and practice each single day becaues Practice means Progress.

My notebook is almost done, I only have a few more pages left and I will be using a different notebook if this gets full. I do still have a few other blank notebooks and I will have to select which one will be used next.

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