Caught in the Rain - Charlie Chaplin

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 July 2014


In these comedy the action begins in a park where a man is trying a romance with a beautifull woman. The man goes to a concession stall and then appears Charlie with his gamous tramp costume. He mades the woman laugh when he soaking on a drinking fountain. Then he sit next to the woman on the bench. The original man returns and gets angry with the picture and looks Charlie on his face and argues with the woman waving his hands and accidentally hitting Charlie. On one of these swings takes Charlie Knock down on the Bench. So the couple leaves the park and returns to a hotel.
Charlie awakes and beeing aparently drunk leaves the park and cross a road almoast getting hit by a car and he arrives at the same hotel the couple of the park are hostage.
He checks to see at what room the couple are in. At the same time the couple is getting drunk. Charlie tryes to upstairs and sleeps falling the stairs, doing another try hes getting on a fight with some hostages. Finally when he gets on the couples room dor he tryes to use his key and the dor is open, he saw the couple drunk and the man gets his out of the room. Charlie uses his key to enter on another room. The original man leaves his wife and goes out but she is a sleepwalker and goes to the Charlie room, Charlie in these sittuation manage to make the woman goes to the room she is with her husband and get cauch because the man have to back earlier because of the rain. Lets see how Charlie gets out of these confusion and gets us laugh with his comedy.


Language: Silent

Country: Canada

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