Charlie Chan in Shangai

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 October 2014


Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) makes a voyage in a ship and arrives in Shanghai at the behest of the U.S. government to help stop an opium smuggling ring. He receives a warning aboard to stay on the ship to not be killed. He is met by his Number One Son, Lee Chan, as well as Philip Nash and his fianceé, Diana Woodland. Charlie is the guest of honor at a banquet held that evening, hosted by Sir Stanley Woodland (David Torrence). When Sir Stanley opens a box to give a handwritten scroll to Charlie, he is shot and killed by a gun inside the booby-trapped box. Charlie meets with Colonel Watkins, the commissioner of police, and agrees to investigate the crime. The next day, American FBI man James Andrews arrives in Shanghai, accompanied by his valet, Forrest (Gladden James). On the night an assassin tries to kill Chan shooting to hes bed because hes suposed to be sleeping but Chan was on the sofa getting the assassins angry because he is still alive. So they tried to trap him with a false call for the Shangai inspector to go to the police QG, but his soons help Chan to scape for the death again. With another fail to kill Chan the gang then adopts another strategy and tries to incriminate Diana´s fiancée, Philip, on the house of the FBI mayor on Shangai making him suspect to tries to kill him with his digital impression on the gun but Chan discovers that the real killer could escape for the stairs behind the window instead on to be on the house like the police presume. In other action with mistery and collected clues Chan discover where the gang is and goes to keep them or is only another trap ? Lets see these very nice detective Chan to solve these case with a very surprise final.


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Country: United States

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