Confessions Of An Exorcist

Uploaded on Monday 22 June 2009


Meet Michael San Chica. He is an ex-priest. he is also an investigator documenting true events of demonic possession.

Tatiana McMurter, a 17 year old daughter of a Baptist minister, has become the victim of possession. The demons entered her through farm animals and are forcing her to perform animal sacrifices while inflicting sever lacerations on her own body. When Chica comes to her rescue, he discovers that he has encountered this demon before and realizes the demon is really after him.

Chica's past reveals that his wife was mentally ill and that Chica performed an exorcism on her that was unauthorized by the Church. It failed and his wife committed suicide. However, Chica vowed to one day track down the demon, identify him and send the evil one back to hell.

Will he finally fulfill his mission and stop the taking of another innocent soul?

Available in the following formats:
4 ea. 22 min episodes
2 ea. 44 min episodes
1 ea. 86 min feature/back door pilot


Language: English

Length: 86 min

Country: United States