Conversations with Zarlasht #2

Uploaded on Saturday 4 January 2014


"Conversations with Zarlasht" is a new web-series directed and produced by Zarlasht Sarmast. The programs will feature artists, musician, politicians, and the extraordinary people working and living in Kabul, Afghanistan.

I am always open to new ideas, to your ideas, on how to create a show that will keep people coming back for more. So feel free to send me your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

If you know of artists, activists, politicians, teachers, ex-pats, or someone you'd consider heroic, living or working in Kabul please send me contact details along with a short biography, and a sentence or two explaining why you believe their story must be told.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my page. It is my wish that you will come back often and join our conversations.

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Peace & Love


Language: Dari

Length: 4:27

Country: Afghanistan

Creative Commons License

Conversations with Zarlasht #2 by Zarlasht is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.