Dead Space Live Action Teaser

Uploaded on Thursday 6 June 2013


Space is a dead and dark place.

Z Pictures’ mission is to create Live Action Video Game Trailers (LAVGT) for up and coming video games. Our mission is to transfer and translate the emotional connection between the player and characters into a cinematic experience, in the form of a LAVGT. What is a LAVGT? It’s a triple A commercial invitation to a video game. It is a smash up of filmmaking and the story conveyed by the rich world of gaming. As a company, our mission is to create marketable content with high production value that will result in a successful campaign for game developers. We believe this is a strong marketing tool that not only connects to the gaming community, but also will captivate and invite a new audience of moviegoers into the gaming world. Stay tuned because we have only just begun.


Language: English

Length: 0:32

Country: United States

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Dead Space Live Action Teaser by Eric Z Zaragoza is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.