En Route Batad with Bangaan Side trip

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 March 2017


Previously, I had posted some videos about our Batad - Sagada trip. These first videos were filmed with the mobile phone - iPhone SE for the Timelapse Collection, link below:


The other one was the phone coverage as well during our tour around Batad. This was handheld and mostly giving the raw view of the Batad Rice Terraces. Link below:


This time around, I am sharing with you another compiled film for our Trip from Manila towards Batad. We took the Ohayami Bus from its bus terminal going to Banaue. A tricycle driver took us to Batad Saddle Point while he also suggested that we visit Bangaan which is just a few minutes drive away from the Batad Junction.

We didn't regret going to Bangaan as it shows a greener rice terraces. They were first to finish planting. Batad has not yet finish their planting season and so there were rice terraces which were just being plowed.

It was a great experience waking up to the view of sunrise while in the bus. The side trip was also a great experience and that we learned a lot about Banaue and Batad plus the other villages that compose the Ifugao Rice Terraces.

I would greatly recommend you to visit it too! We planned to visit Batad again in the future on a time where they are already done planting rice so we can see the greener and more lively rice terraces.

Enjoy the video!

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