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Uploaded on Thursday 13 April 2017


Sagada had become famous because of the movie That Thing Called Tadhana starred by a Philippine prime time star, Angelica Panganiban and JM De Guzman. The movie was shot in Sagada itself where in they had showcased some of the major places to visit at the small town. From the perfect sunrise view to the little cafes and such, Filipinos started flocking the town, then more other tourists, foreigners had learned about it too and eventually, the town started becoming a sensation for those who are trying to move on with their lives. It was referred as the place to go for those broken hearted - that was how the movie was portrayed.

It was not an original plan to come to Sagada but since we still had a day to spare, we then thought it would be good to add it since a day of rice terraces would seem be enough for us.

On our second day in Batad, we packed our things at five in the morning, asked for our breakfast but then the cook was still sleeping so we decided to move out at six in the morning so we can catch up with our ride back to Banaue. It was a challenging and tiring morning trek but we have to do so.

At seven, we found our ride waiting at the junction. He was very patient and we were really thankful. He took us to Banaue where there are cars and vhires which have routes to Bontoc. From Bontoc, we took a jeep which brought us to Sagada. It was a total of one and half hour travel.

We stayed at Isabelo's in Sagada, just a few good steps away from the Tourism office which was good and found Sagada as a very small town. In this video, I am going to show you the local market and the way they sell their fruits and vegetables as well as our trip to Sagada.

It is just a compiled video which took me more than a week to finish but nonetheless, I got it figured out during the long weekend for the Holy Week.

Enjoy the video!

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