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First clip of Ethno Trio Troitsa
Pieršy klip Troicy

Troitsa is a trio from Belarus that was started in 1996. The first time I saw the trio play was in 2001 at the Folkwoods festival in Holland where the band became one of the highlights of the festival. I remember that even years later people were talking about the intense, almost mystical performance this band gave. In 2006 they returned to the festival, again with great success. Their first two cd’s were also recorded in Holland and published on the Dutch pan label, not easy to find but worth the search. The trio’s front man Ivan Kirchuk is a multi instrumentalist and singer who has a deep, warm voice. Besides him the band exists out of Yury Dzmitrieu on several string instruments and Jury Paulouski who is the percussionist of the band. The 7 album is a release from 2007 on the Russian Sketis label with recordings from 2004. It’s a fascinating album with dark, dreamy Russian psych-folk full of unexpected twists, strange sounds and some haunting music. It has elements of not only the Russian culture, but I hear light oriental, Balkan and Scandinavian influences. Their latest album Son Trava is published on a Polish label. This album has a more polished sound, without loosing this typical Troitsa sound. It has a more folk-rock orientated sound, but again with such a drive, such a tension in the music that I’m locked to the speakers for the whole hour this CD takes. It’s probably their most balanced album until today, with some fabulous arrangements, rhythms and vocal work. For all those who like experimental, dark-Russian folk, buy them both! You won't find music of this quality, with such an unique identity that often.

Iwan Kirchuk - lead vocal, autentic music instruments;
Yuri Dmitriev - lead guitar, vocal;
Yuri Pavlovski - percussion, drums.


Language: Polish

Length: 03:33

Country: Belarus

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