Fereshteh Forough on Afghanistan's Education and Economy

Uploaded on Friday 4 May 2012


Fereshteh Forough, one of the co-founders of the Afghan Citadel Software Company, visited the Film Annex Studios to talk about the role of technology and digital and social media in Afghanistan.

After giving a brief introduction to the current situation in the country, she went on to explain how Film Annex's initiatives are helping restructure and improve Afghanistan's education system and economy. Forough also emphasized the importance of education for women and providing an environment for them to improve their social and business skills. Forough says that education is key for a bright future in Afghanistan, and it starts with building the right facilities and training teachers who will help the next generation to live a healthy, successful, and social life.

For more information on Film Annex's Afghan Development Project, visit the corporate site and the Web TV.


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