Flower Beach Resort

Uploaded on Friday 18 August 2017


Anda town in Bohol has been blessed with white sand beaches that is why the town's shores are filled with resorts, public and private a like. But the private ones are of course dominating.

For my mother's birthday, we decided to go out to the beach. We went to Flower Beach Resort which is just 15 minutes drive from our house. It was exciting to check out new resorts again. But then upon arrival, we were a bit disappointed that the staffs are not as accommodating as expected.

After paying the entrance fees, we figured out the place is not really maintained properly. There were amenities which are decaying and are unusable already. Their infinity pool is also not properly cleaned, or perhaps it was not really cleaned at all as we saw floating insects and other kinds of stuffs in there.

We stayed at the beach shore instead which was nice because it has clear blue waters and white sand. The shore isn't too wide but it was enough for the visitors. The waters were inviting too! I wish I could swim there but I still have a huge slice in my belly that I don't want to irritate.

Unfortunately, the staff didn't give us any chairs so we had to find these chairs ourselves, another disappointment. We looked for their grilling area but they can't provide, instead we were referred to the farthest area of the resort.

Beach was good but the resort itself was unclean with no maintenance or whatsoever and the staffs were not friendly.



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