“Frozen” and “Homefront” Movie Reviews

Uploaded on Wednesday 27 November 2013


Two big films this Thanksgiving weekend, we have “Frozen” for kids and “Homefront” for action lovers. In “Frozen,” Disney returns to what they do best – fairy tales, musicals, and an affecting moral story. Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Josh Gad are some of the actors lending their voices to the animated flick loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.”

In “Homefront,” Sylvester Stallone produced and wrote the screenplay based on Chuck Logan’s novel. This one stars Jason Statham as an ex-DEA who moves to a small Bayou town to protect his daughter (Izabela Vidovic). James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth also star.

So which one is my pick of the week? Take a look:


Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States