Uploaded on Friday 25 July 2014


Gogga is an Independent Experimental Art Short film created in 2013 by Animator and Artist Gero Doll.
The film depicts the nature of dreams. A women analyzing bugs, using this as metaphor, to fathom her subconscious dreams, she is haunted by a skull that follows her all the time.
Unlocking the realm to her double-alike, her altered ego is revealed, when she looks through the microscope and gains contact to the other world. However, this parallel reality is inhabited by strange creatures.
Threatening, they all want to posses her soul especially the sorceress, which is actually ultimately her altered ego / doppelganger.
The Film was shot in Namibia, back in 2012 and was produced over 6 Months.
Directing / Animation / VFX / Design
Gero Doll / limbicnation.com
Music and Sound design
Olivier Girardot / OGmusik
Voices: Bina Bianca
Cast member / Makeup Artist / Actor
Laura Heldenstueck
Set / Assistant : Selvanus Uirab, Stanley Aib, Alex Shinyemba
Produced at Monomango
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Language: English

Country: Germany