Henann Resort Overview

Uploaded on Sunday 19 February 2017


Henann Resort is located along Alona Beach in the island of Panglao, province of Bohol. I got a chance to visit the resort as a birthday treat for myself and my husband as well as a day of chilling for my parents who are both in Bohol. A day tour would mean we can have access to certain parts of the resort and it also includes a buffet lunch at the Seabreeze restaurant. That is an in house restaurant of the said resort.

I can't describe well enough how beautiful the resort is so I have a video to show it to you all. It was super surreal that we were able to get here considering that the pricing is a bit above the normal amount we normally are willing to pay for a resort but since I had received a certain amount from bitLanders as a payment, I got the fees covered! So thankful for bitLanders!

At thirty minutes after ten, we were already inside the resort, got our towels and essentials provided by the resort. We got a locker too! I was amazed that this resort is a very huge one, there were more than ten swimming pools, I have to research for the exact number for that!

There were also a lot of guests, most were Koreans actually and I spotted only a few Filipinos in there. My favorite part though was the night photography. At the end of the day, James and I had the chance to take photos of the view at night when the lights were lit up and the luminescence of all the lights just added beauty to the resort.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the video! Take care!

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines