HOW TO: Drink Winter Beer, with Captain Lawrence!

Uploaded on Monday 20 July 2009


As the winter winds howl and the snow deepens, many thoughts turn to the seasonal beers, those winter brews; but how to solve the mysteries of Stouts, Porters and Warmers? The Happy Hour Guys are on the case, tracking down exactly what to expect from these cold weather quaffs. And being The Happy Hour Guys, we go straight to one of the best sources around: Scott Vaccaro, owner and head brewer at Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in NYC’s backyard. Scott’s beers have been winning awards and gaining attention since he started producing them in 2005. Captain Lawrence is now featured on most lists of the USA’s best breweries. We traveled to the brewery in Westchester (easily accessible via Metro North Railroad to Pleasantville) to demystify those dark and stormy winter brews. Do your ears perk up at the mention of chocolate, coffee, and toffee? Then you have to see this…


Language: English

Length: 4:04

Country: United States