Introduction to the Southampton Multimedia Center, Digital Literacy for the Community

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Southampton MultiMedia Center (SMMC) is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(C)(3) entity being formed in Southampton, New York. SMMC will serve as both an educational and training facility in digital media, a distribution center for Internet content and HD Television production, and a professional video production facility for local government, educational, social and cultural institutions.

SMMC’s primary mission is to provide a unique opportunity for the Southampton community to have a professional, community-owned, community-centric facility which will develop a wide array of video content suitable for distribution on both the Internet, cable, and broadcast television. This content will be produced substantially from material created by local artists, writers, architects, chefs, farmers, historians, community leaders, and other appropriate participants, as well as Southampton students and educational professionals. SMMC’s output will include original as well as archival and public domain content which can be edited and distributed for many purposes, with a view toward providing a window on the East End for a world wide audience.

Work at SMMC will involve, as much as possible, local students, interns, and volunteer assistants who will be overseen and directed by a small contingent of qualified professionals. SMMC’s Internet and broadcast quality HD television studio and production facilities will also be available at market rates for major cable network and broadcast production.

SMMC activities will be overseen and managed by professionals experienced in production, editing, and distribution of video content suitable for Internet streaming and broadcast television. The facility will be available to local groups seeking to utilize parts of SMMC’s studio and distribution capabilities, providing their own operating personnel and equipment. SMMC’s overriding priority, however, is to provide opportunities for local citizens and students from the Southampton community to participate in and learn about video editing, production, and distribution.

SMMC will also seek to distribute a broad range of third-party created material including archival video content of Southampton’s early history, artistic heritage, Shinnecock Nation activities, the Hampton Classic, local sports, recreation, and social community events. SMMC will also produce video productions of appropriate activities taking place in Southampton Village’s new Community Center.

SMMC has secured sponsorship by the Village Board of Southampton and will assume responsibility for production of professional video coverage of all governmental meetings, hearings, and other official events and provide live or taped production of other Village and Town events including parades, special events coverage, and educational or cultural and artistic events taking place at East End museums, galleries, and other cultural and social institutions.

The SMMC initiative is led by a group of concerned citizens and media professionals who have agreed to serve as initial trustees and oversee operations and management of the video production and distribution facility. This initial group will also be responsible for arranging requisite funding, negotiating appropriate cable and television distribution, and working with both the Village and the Town to insure that SMMC maximizes its potential as both a community educational/training facility and an outlet for Southampton to elevate its profile to a global level.


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