JSE 420 Films - Laguna 484 North Gallery Jam

Uploaded on Wednesday 29 January 2014


JSE 420 Films Presents - Laguna 484 North Gallery Jam - Music and Art jam in this JSE 420 Film featuring the sexy art of Christiana with her work on the walls at the 484 North Gallery in Laguna Beach California. 
This short film also features smooth tunes from musicians Tracy Danielle, Geza Keller, Jason Lazo along with audience percussion miXing with Christianas' art nouveau erotica! 
Many thanks to Tracy Danielle for helping produce this film and to Bob Kronquist at Gallery 484 North in Laguna Beach California.

A JSE420 Film 12/2011 TRT-4:00 

©2014 J.S.Edmondson


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States