JSE 420 SERIES - 400 Miles To VEGAS presented by Xcorps

Uploaded on Tuesday 28 January 2014


JSE 420 Films - 400 Miles To VEGAS - This film documents a 400 mile drive along Interstate 15 south from St. George Utah through the Green River Canyon to Las Vegas Nevada made even more eXciting at 250 MPH in this short film shot at 4:20pm. 
Check the white lines clicking by in this time compressed look at the road at Indy car speeds shot by the Xcorps camera crew - JSE and Rat Sult - returning to San Diego after shooting XC episode SPEED at the Bonneville Salt Flats Raceway Utah.
 Music in this video by David Huber and SubNoiZe band MOWER.
A JSE Film 2011 TRT-4:13
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Language: English

Length: 4:13

Country: United States