Magic Healers of Los Angeles

Uploaded on Saturday 5 September 2009


Perhaps more than any other place in the world , Los Angeles has a very exciting image attributed to movie stars , sunny beaches , and rich beautiful people.

There is another side to Los Angeles in the Latino community ; a world which people are unaware of ; a fascinating world made up of magic and mystery and fake or real healers.

This film is an investigation into the Latino spiritual healing traditions .Latino immigration has brought not only its customs and traditions but also the curandero , the shaman, and santeros.They are all spiritual sources that help one to survive lifes' hardships, especially when you come from a far away land.

Take a fascinating trip to unveil the mysterious and spiritual aspects of this city.You will be a witness to the profound mysteries of the Amazon jungle ;you will see rituals, spells , and healing practices .You will discover the language of the shamans, their demons and their Gods.

We will show the botanicas, places of sorcery, curanderos and santeros in healing sessions, along with interviews from church officials, scholars , and healers.

One of the main characters is the shaman Manuel Miranda ;he fights evil spirits,break spells, and tries to bring back lost love.He is the descendent of a great civilization, the Inca Mochica culture,and his mission is to carry on the traditions of his ancestors and to guard the secrets of this great civilization .
This is a 52 minutes documentary.


Language: Spanish

Length: 52:31 minutes

Country: United States