Matthew McConaughey Interview for “Dallas Buyers Club”

Uploaded on Friday 8 November 2013


Matthew McConaughey steady but hard rise to acclaim could be documented in a movie. The once Paparazzi magnet and rom-com graduate began his ascension with “The Lincoln Lawyer” followed by “Bernie,” “Killer Joe,” and Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike.” And this year alone, McConaughey wowed us in two important movies namely “Mud” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” Now, I love Chiwetel Ejiofor in “12 Years a Slave” but my heart belongs to McConaughey’s performance in “Dallas Buyers Club” as a redneck cowboy, and dare I say, straight man, who contacted HIV during the early years of the epidemic. The actor lost weight (an Oscar getter) and dove into the role without sentimentality but not sacrificing gravitas. He is simply amazing in the movie! By the way, the movie is not depressing but uplifting and funny!

I saw down with the actor to talk about:

*** What was his ultimate attraction to making “Dallas Buyers Club?”
*** The movie’s humor and levity
*** His character’s wicked sense of humor
*** The heart of the movie is the relationship between his character, the cowboy, and Jared Leto’s transsexual character, Rayon, the Queen B – I got goosebumps just talking about it with him!
*** How did he prepare for the character?
*** 2013 is McConaughey’s year!
*** Happy 20th Anniversary to “Dazed and Confused” – he said the famous “alright, alright, alright!”


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States