Mick Gibson on Afghanistan's Education and Economy

Uploaded on Tuesday 2 October 2012


Mick Gibson is a digital native with over 13 years experience in all things web. In this time he's earned his stripes in digital agencies, software startups, online businesses and hands-on (elbow-deep) in well over 500 different AdWords accounts.

In this video, he first talks about his background and business. His role is to help his clients get found through online search and get in front of their customers with online targeted ads.
He also explains the concept or retargeting which allows a company whose website has been visited by a user to display banner ads on other websites to be seen later by this same user.
He also talks about online advertising playing a part in digital revolution through ad campaigns linked to world events and the use of demographics and geo-localization.
He thinks that social media can help Afghanistan and other developing countries get noticed more by people and educate them about those countries.
The interview ends with Mick talking about his future projects with Film Annex.

Mick Gibson is a passionate advocate of smart retargeting, and has recently shared his tactics with the world at the HiddenAudience.com. He gets inspired and rewarded by a lot of things – his wife and 3 boys - and by fast-tracking the results for his clients through: creative digital strategies, optimized Google AdWords and Facebook ad campaigns, plus insight-rich analytics.

When not basking in the glow of his computer, he's out soaking up the southern-hemisphere lifestyle as a South African/ New Zealand and now Australian resident.

For more information, visit his website and the Target Marketing Annex.


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