Uploaded on Saturday 26 January 2013


X PRESS-NEW Xcorps Action Sports and Music VIDEO RELEASE!

This Special Presentation Video Features NEW never released footage from the epic Xcorps flying adventure with host Jason Lazo and producer Stu Edmondson taking a Russian Mig 21 interceptor jet fighter on a full afterburner test flight in the skies above Reno! The plane, which is basically ALL engine, burns 500 gallons of gas in half an hour giving you the ride of your sedate and boring life! Takes a few hours to shake the nausea when back on earth but its well worth it! Eeehaw!
Pilot Billy Bob Ray racked up the G’s for the Xcorps cameras as seen in this video which captures a good part of the flight!

Super fun shots here from the ground and in the pilots seat!
Great pre flight prep of the MIG and NEW Xcorps ACTION FLIGHT shots of this amazing historic Russian warplane – a classic aircraft still in use in several countries!

Original soundtrack included in this edit from the historic flight above the high desert plains of Reno Nevada USA!
New VIDEO FOOTAGE not in the original XC episode MIG-21.
See multiple angles in the MIG cockpit during the 45 min ride to OZ and back with Billy Bob testing the MIG to its FULL ACROBATIC performance levels including the stomach punching 4 point barrel rolls and 360 High G inverted turns!
Ejection seat testing was optional but training mandatory!
See how Xcorps host Jason Lazo holds up to the rigors of flight training under these conditions!
Not easy being an Xcorps host and reporter!

Killer sound track of the Mig from the ground and in the cockpit with pilot tower chatter! NO GO PRO cameras were used in this production – all custom Xcorps HD cameras and lenses were used for these insane shots and sounds! We make it look easy but this was one of our more challenging and INSANELY FUN shoots ever and it shows in this video!

Also CUSTOM SOUND TRACK produced by Jason Lazo called “GRX” from Xcorps Music rolls right along with the Mig engine sounds and high adrenaline factor!
This is a Special DIRECTORS CUT edit release as part of the previously released Xcorps show episode MIG-21
A J.S.Edmondson Film
TRT- 12:04
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Language: English

Length: 12:04

Country: United States