Miki Biasion - Trailer Valmessa Graffiti 2015

Uploaded on Friday 8 May 2015


The trailer of Valmessa Graffiti 6 to 7 June 2015, Henri Toivonen Memorial.
Dynamic rally for historic cars and collectible ones.
On June, Saturday 6 and Sunday with start and finish in the town of Villardora (To).
There will be the champions Miki Biasion, Harri Toivonen, Andrea Dallavilla, Claudia Peroni, the Marsaglia Brothers, Pierino Gros, and many other prestigious guests in June at the sixth edition of Valmessa Graffiti.
100 km to go through with the 4 stages of driving skills and/or squares, 3 tone controls, lunch in the prestigious and renowned inn "Giaconera" and a final stage.


Language: English

Country: Italy

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