Millionaire Movie Trailer

Uploaded on Friday 16 July 2010


MYRON SAINT-WHITE, a street-wise narcotics trafficker, has a plan to make millions, by buying and selling prepackaged heroin. His brother, MALIK SAINT-WHITE, an investigator for a prominent Philadelphia attorney and his partner in crime, helps him execute the plan and soon they have money to burn. The Philadelphia Black Mafia, founded in 1968 by Armed robbery and extortionand their main sources of income, until their merger with Black Muslims in early 1970. Under the direction of JEREMIAH SHABAZZ, the Black Mafia soon has their sights on commandeering local drug turf with strong-arm tactics and intimidation. They also commit several malicious crimes and murders during their scourge of violence that are viewed as dishonorable and disgracing by other organized crime syndicates, especially Myron and Malik's.

Like any normal citizen, each of the brothers also has their problems at home. Myron's girlfriend PAT, a beautiful Latina, early twenties, is worried about Myron's dangerous lifestyle, and GERRI, Malik's girlfriend, has become his biggest threat. With rumors that Gerri is seeing a Shabazz associate, SULTAN IRONS behind Malik's back, Gerri's suspicions of Malik's infidelities, their home is just an explosion waiting to happen.

Then Malik meets Janet. She's sexy, sassy and so self-confident, but she's the ex-girlfriend of Black Mafia member BO BAYNES, who doesn't want to give her up. Janet's also married, but then so is Malik, yet with all of the "stop lights" on their road of courtship, they run every one and head straight for a wall of tradegy.

With money, power and respect growing rapidly, the Saint- White brothers inevitably gain the attention of other well know gangsters who are looking to get a "piece of the pie". They are soon called to meet with New York's notorious FRANK MATTHEWS to discuss a partnership. Much to their surprise, Frank has also invited Sam Christian and RONALD HARVEY, another Black Mafia founder. When Myron and Malik refuse to enter into an agreement with Black Mafia members, the conflict reaches level one.

Myron, now known as Mr. Millionaire, finally accepts the partnership with Frank, and Frank agrees to exclude the Black Mafia from the deal. With the help of PABLO ACOSTA, Mexico's biggest narcotics dealer, Frank supplies Myron and Malik with $500,000 worth of pure cocaine. Myron then makes a life decision. He gives $250,000 worth of cocaine to a Black Mafia associate, JAMES P.I. SMITH, in an agreement with Shabazz. Unfortunately the deal goes bad.

Myron and Malik are furious. Because James is a Black Mafia member, the Saint-White brothers suspect that the Black Mafia has conspired through Shabazz to rip them off because they were cut out of the Frank Matthews deal. After questioning James and threatening Shabazz, Myron and Malik decide to take action. Malik murders James, and the war is officially on.

Malik defends Janet from Bo, shots are exchanged between the two cartels, and the Black Mafia loses the battle, but not the war. GREGORY TRICE, a member of Myron and Malik's crew and Malik's right-hand man, so he thought, is rumored to be in cahoots with the Black Mafia. He informs Shabazz of Myron and Malik's plans to attend a star-studded gala on Easter Sunday 1972 at the famous Club Harlem in Atlantic City. The Black Mafia, led by Sam Christian and Shabazz, decide to do a public hit. After Malik has an altercation with Sultan Irons about his involvement with Gerri, and a brief discussion between Sultan and Sam, Myron, Malik and several others are brutally murdered and the Black Mafia gets their revenge and wins the war.


Language: English

Length: 47 mins

Country: United States