NEW HERAT - Afghan Proverbs

Uploaded on Thursday 1 November 2012


This video represents Film Annex President/Founder Francesco Rulli's vision of a new and improved Herat.

By presenting a series of images from the city of Herat in Afghanistan and New York, the video shows many differences and similarities between the two landscapes. As you keep watching, the architecture of these two cities on the opposite sides of the world merge into one.

The spoken word poetry in the video is composed of Afghan proverbs by Edward Zellem. Here is a list of selected proverbs in English and Dari:

Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.
Ze gahwaara taa guhr, daanesh bejoye.

Mother shakes the cradle with one hand and the world with the other hand.
Maadar ba yak dast gahwaara wa ba dast-e degar jahaan-ra takaan mey-dehad.

You to me, me to you.
Tu ba ma, ma ba tu.

Respect to others is respect to yourself.
Ehteraam ba digaraan, ehteraam ba khod ast.

Eat well, dress well, life is short.
Khoob be-push, khoob bukhor, zendagee ko-tah ast.

A sword wound will heal, but not a wound form words.
Zakhme shamsher jour mey-sha, zakhme zabaan na.

Different heads, different dreams
Har kalaa, ber khiyal.

Everyone should be looked at with the same eye.
Hama-raa ba yak chashm negaah kuneed.

The world is alive with hope.
Doon-ya baa omeed zenda ast.

Visit the Afghan Development Initiative and the Afghan Development Web TV for more information.

Music by Mpex - iPhado


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