NYC's White Horse Tavern.

Uploaded on Tuesday 21 July 2009


In 1880, James Deans Oyster House became The White Horse Tavern and its been serving New Yorkers ever since. For decades, the White Horse was a simple working man's bar. In the 1950s, the White Horse was discovered by a group of artists, writers, liberals and journalists and became a hub of progressive thinking. The Village Voice was conceived there. The Clancy Brothers played here in their early days. Of course, it took Dylan Thomas (see video) to launch them into barroom lore. In fact, Robert Zimmerman was so influenced by Thomas that he was the inspiration for his name change: Bob Dylan. Today one of New York's last remaining wood frame buildings, The White Horse takes as much care of their everyday patrons as they do of their frequent celebrity guests. Thats probably one of the reason they're still thriving, and you can still get one of the city's best (and most reasonable) burgers.

A big thank you from The Happy Hour Guys to the owner and staff of The White Horse and Ed Romanoff!


Language: English

Length: 4:00

Country: United States