Outside - Cowboy and Princess

Uploaded on Monday 17 February 2014


Dutch title: Buitenspelen

Here's a pre school series that I created with Wendo Kroon. Outside! explores the way kids play outside. With the use of animation their fantasy world becomes reality.

We didn't direct the kids. We observed them. They come up with fantastic stuff for us to animate later on. Animation was done by Frame Order.

If you don't speak Dutch you might miss some delightful comments from our talented voice over Donna, although you can easily enjoy the series without it. The music is also kind of a voice, commenting by quoting songs and film scores. It's a fun game to try and guess all the musical quotes that are in there.

But mostly it's about the kids playing. Inspiring isn't it? Come on, let's go Outside!


Language: Dutch

Length: 5:50

Country: Netherlands