Palmina Winery!

Uploaded on Tuesday 21 July 2009


The Happy Hour Guys take their first official trip to Southern California! After landing in LA and spending some time snooping around Historic Bars in the City of Angels (teaser for next week’s episode), Jimmy and the Happy Hour Babe, Lisa Datz, made their way to Santa Barbara County and the Santa Ynez Valley; there, in a small town named Lompoc and nestled unobtrusively in an industrial park, is a place they’d heard whispers about, Palmina Winery.

Winemaker Steve Clifton started Palmina in 1995, becoming one of the first artisans in the Santa Ynez Valley to introduce solely Italian varietal wines to the Southern California soil, and subsequently, the Southern Californian palate. Turns out that the Santa Barbara County climate matches that of the Northern Italian wine regions, and Steve saw an opportunity to recreate these traditional wines in a no-holds-barred, California way, while still holding to the Italian ideal of wines being an “extension of the plate”, something enjoyed with food and friends.

And did he deliver! These wines are spectacular. Join us as Jimmy makes his way through an Italian pronunciation clinic, Lisa doesn’t want to leave the Wine Library (too much studying to do), and we try some incredible wines with names we’d never heard before.

Remember, at The Happy Hour Guys, we’re always in search of something new, and are never afraid to try it. Join us!



Language: English

Length: 4:30

Country: United States