Part 2- The Underground Legend Peter Storm

Uploaded on Friday 3 June 2011


Peter Storm talks about the underground fight club and what his inspiration was to create it. He speaks on how he promotes these underground fights and even explains why he competes in his own competitions. He says by being a small bouncer people are always testing him. Having a background in martial arts has saved his life. Peter’s ‘oh shit’ moment came on the night he was bouncing at Spotlight for a Lil Kim birthday party. The party went off great until three days later they found a woman patron was murdered and stuffed into an electrical closet on the top floor. He was worried the cops would be coming after him because of his police record. Although the crime was committed by a bar back, the first people called in for question were the bouncers. “Guilty until proven innocent.”


Language: English

Length: 5min

Country: United States

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