Popeye the Sailor in Be Kind to Animals

Uploaded on Tuesday 19 August 2014


Popeye and Olive are feeding birds in the park when they see that Bluto is perched atop a huge cart filled with bananas. Pulling the wagon is a horse, just barely able to move the wagon. Bluto is whipping and mistreating the overburdened horse. Popeye sees what is happening, jumps on the horse's back and takes the lashing himself. Needless to say, the horse is also hauling spinach (Bluto should know better)! Popeye takes his spinach, Bluto and the horse switch places, and the horse ends up with the lash and Bluto ends up on the receiving end.


Language: English

Country: United States

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Popeye the Sailor in Be Kind to Animals by Gabriel Berman is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.