REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation

Uploaded on Wednesday 31 July 2013


Jesse Michael Newman is an American artist whose works were nominated and short listed for Academy Awards and projects accepted to the permanent collections of MOMA and Whitney.

Jesse dedicated The video 'REBIRTH of GAEA' to his daughter. One of the parts of REBIRTH OF GAEA is a deconstruction of FLOWING MEDITATION.

The video is described by its author as some sort of support for his daughter's interests - Greek Mythology. As she grew older, Jesse decided to portray her as the Goddess of Earth. Jesse's daughter Emma is being deeply connected to the environment, which influenced Mr. Newman to create another masterpiece.

The music, "You're Too Late Satan" by Worm Is Green
Jesse Michael Newman -


Language: Music

Length: 4:27

Country: United States

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