The Art Pack // Fils de Zine

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Must necessarily be inserted into a commercial process to exist? The mass marketing offers the formalization of a product. That net. The object then enters directly into what is commonly called "establishment". Widespread availability leads at the same time the anti-commercial-cultural necessarily against.
This is true of fanzines, contraction of established Anglo-Saxon "fan" and periodic "magazine". It becomes clear from the aberration of the single thought so much the absence of any capitalist process offers considerable creative fields. It is not here to hear the first notes dawn of the "Internationale," but whether to consider any material object in our postmodern age. The magazine is thus reduced to its most original, that is, information and entertainment. Everything is in the content. Hardcore. Is it intelligible? Not all the time. But this is only the goal? Outside the traditional boundaries, originality takes the field. Freely. The amazing thing is that most contemporary magazines have begun to exist in the format fanzine. Distributed clandestinely, not always coherent, often embarrassing ... There is definitely no value judgments to have. Should then consider the fanzine as a teenager in the monthly press today, with his little compromise. Youth and wisdom are rarely good friends. We must therefore act as a good parent: wonder and listen. Attention, time flies too fast often.

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Alexandre Attal, Niels Bent, Pierre Louis Guetta, Maxime Richard and Peter J Secondi.


Language: French

Length: 9min

Country: France

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