The Invisible Floor Part 05: Loot

Uploaded on Wednesday 23 July 2014


A young thief breaks into a family house. He finds the diary of a former resident who wrote down the whole history of the house. The strange events come to life. The lonely girl of the House meets a stranger; a life of a young, married couple turns into wrath and terror; two killers try to hide their victim in the House; a kidnapped astronomer gets a weird task; a professor of history takes part in a time travel.

This movie is a very interesting mixture of various genres (thriller, horror, drama, sci-fi, romance, adventure, comedy etc.) various styles (black and white and colour film, animation, stop motion etc.) and different "atmospheres" (surrealism, expressionism, realism, film noir, western etc.).

It sounds like an ambitious but exhausting experimental movie. Well, it is not. This movie has a complex, exciting story and it`s easy to follow. There are more than two dozen localities (houses, towns, cities, special areas) in three countries (Hungary, Croatia, Italy) and in different worlds, times and ages.

A spectacular and atmospheric movie trip!


Language: Hungarian

Country: Hungary