There Dots

Uploaded on Wednesday 24 July 2013


"Three Dots (Seh Noktah)" tells the sad story of a single woman named Gul Afrooz living in a village in northwestern Afghanistan along the border of Iran, struggling to raise her three helpless children. Although she is engaged to her lover Firooz, she is forced to marry an old warlord, a Khan. Caught up in traditional structures, the Khan sends her to Iran as a drug courier for an opium smuggling ring. The ring is busted and she is arrested. his is the story of a border-resident woman from the Herat province who smuggles narcotics to Iran in order to feed her children and also to avoid the revenge of a local Khan. Gul Afroz faces the Iranian police forces somewhere between Iran-Afghanistan borders.


Language: Dari

Length: 54:47

Country: Afghanistan

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There Dots by Roya Sadat is licensed under a Creative Commons Public Domain 3.0 License.