Together - Trailer

Uploaded on Monday 20 January 2014


In an apocalyptic future, two very-much-in-love survivors do their best to lead a normal life by means of a Time Machine. Through virtual transportation, they settle within a lost village in the Middles Ages where they intend to formalize their union at last under the eyes of the Almighty.

But their peaceful and joyful wedding is suddenly interrupted by a pack of Time-Keeper Mercenaries, who, in the blink of an eye, manage to forcibly access and steal the Time-Convergent Reactor. In doing so, they displace the bride-to-be into a random space-time. Shocked and incensed, her lover unlinks himself from the time machine and, escaping to a distance, sees what the Time-Keeper Mercenaries have done. Swift to action, he installs a spare Time-convergent reactor and reconnects to the time machine but, he quickly faces the fact that his beloved is hopelessly lost in time and space.

Many days pass in his time and every other as he searches for his betrothed in vain. Until… on one given day, his time-tracker implant flashes up a positive ID– it is her! But the discovery was not made by him alone, the Time-Keepers Mercenaries have also picked up on her ID. He must be quick.

Our hero deftly logs into the time machine and relocates himself to his beloved’s side: a medieval market where she is being prepared for public execution for witchcraft.

Will he be able to save her from imminent death and before the Time-Keepers Mercenaries zero in on their position?

“Etostone – Together” is an European Music Video by Juan David Salazar and a new submission to ÉCU2014.


Language: Music

Country: Poland