Winter of Frozen Dreams

Uploaded on Tuesday 23 June 2009


Sex, Passion, Betrayal, Murder

A true story of an unlikely serial killer

A brilliant biochemistry student who is also a prostitute.

A brutally bludgeoned body buried naked in the snow.

Thus begins Winter of Frozen Dreams, a sordid love story and a macabre web of blackmail, lust, and deceit. The Hoffman case was the first televised murder trial in US history.

The true-life story of Barbara Hoffman, is complex and contradictory in every sense as
she was both a brilliant biochemistry student at the University of Wisconsin and Madison’s most notorious prostitute. On a frigid, twenty-two below zero Christmas morning, Barbara Hoffman’s (Thora Birch) distraught young fiancé, Jerry Davies (Brendan Sexton III) leads police investigators to a corpse, which only hours before, he had buried in a snow bank. Lead by Detective Lulling (Academy Award winner Keith Carradine), the police investigators uncover the naked and brutally bludgeoned body of Harry Berge. Davies desperately insists that he is not a murderer and that he and Hoffman are guilty only of burying the corpse of a stranger.

Shades of film noir blend with true crime, as Barbara Hoffman lives out her days in prison, refusing to give interviews or even go before the parole board.


Language: English

Length: 92 minutes

Country: United States