Xcorps 4X4 TV Presents Joshua Tree

Uploaded on Friday 23 May 2014


Xcorps 4X4 TV Presents Joshua Tree - The outdoor adventure continues in this new release from Xcorps Action Sports TV featuring 4X4 all wheel drive off-road action that literally drives the viewer off the end of the pavement and deep into the backcountry of the super scenic Joshua Tree desert National Park part the Mojave Desert located in southern California.

Get away from it all with these shots which include an ancient desert landscape in winter complete with blooming wildflowers and the namesake desert Joshua Tree surviving the harsh and utterly beautiful environment shot in all its sun drenched glory!

To get these shots the Xcorps ‘96 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled solo and acting as the ‘X cam’ platform rolling Up and Down ‘Berdoo Canyon’ road all day long! NO other people, buildings, park rangers or other vehicles were seen for most of the day on this remote dusty road with perfect sunny winter 80F temps.
If you follow Xcorps on your own adventures don’t forget plenty of food, water, clothing and roll only in a solid 4x4 vehicle!

This film is also one of the first XC videos edited in the new Mac Final Cut Pro X. Check out the new super clean cinematic 1920 x 1080 HD edits! These scenes were shot by XC using Sony HD cameras including the new Sony HDR- Action POV series cameras now competing with GoPro on so many levels!
A new all around ride for Xcorps TV viewers!
A J.S.Edmondson FiLm TRT-9:43 5/2014

Music “Desert Breezes” by Jason Lazo and Tracy Danielle produced by J.Lazo and Christian T. Shorter. Additional Haida Music by David Huber 51 BPM.
See The Action Hear The Music Join The Xcorps!


Language: English

Length: 9:43

Country: United States