Xcorps Action Sports TV #1.) INVERT seg.2

Uploaded on Thursday 5 May 2011


Xcorps Action Sports Show #1.)"INVERT"-seg.2 HD- This first episode opens with host and X Corps member Jason Lazo in Los Angeles at Maverick Records picking up the music and videos for this fast paced show called "Invert" featuring an eXrtreme sport carnival in Irvine California.

Jason gives a quick overview and then talks with record label honcho Fred Croshal about current Maverick artists such as Madonna, Alanis Morissette, Prodigy and The Deftones as well as other upcoming projects such as the soundtrack to the new Austin Powers movie "Goldmember". Check the shots on the walls! After that Jason and the X Corps girls are back in Irvine California at the Invert Carnival where insane Moto X pro's from the "Metal Mulisha" are going huge! Then at the half pipe a BMX rider does a huge "Superman" and sexy X Corps host Roslyn Bradle gets mobbed by autograph seekers. Go Roz baby! Jason and Roz then preview the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 video game. Pretty cool game action footage here from Activision -- the makers of the game -- cut to music from the game soundtrack featuring the bands "Sum 41", "Pennywise", "Papa Roach", "Soul Hooligan", "Drowning Pool", "Ozomatli" and others to keep things rolling hard! Video clips, sound bytes and advise from Tony Hawk who also talks about PAIN and what the word means to him.

Then more invert action with Jason talking to pro skater Scott Taylor from Activision about Tony and the new skate game. Jason intro's the new song and video "Cadillac" from the band "Mest". It's all about the music, cars and girls on the beach in this fun video. After the break Jason and Roslyn open an extreme water ski segment called "The Waters Edge" produced by The Gary Paul Agency and shot on 35mm film during a trans U.S. tour. See wild bare foot ski jumping, wake and knee boarding, water hand stands, stilt skiing, boom ski wars and an Elvis museum tour all cut to music from the "Outcast" song "Bombs over Baghdad". Timely.

After that X Corps hosts Bob Woodard and Eric "Big Air" Ducharme demo some new products -- The "Hammerhead" skateboard and the "Blade Z XTR" electric scooter, products just now hitting the streets. Great music by "Drowning Pool" here too. After the break Jason and Fred Croshal are back at Maverick Records for a "Maverick Minute" previewing the new song and video from Marilyn Manson "Tainted Love". See tour schedules for other Maverick bands here too.

After that in the "Coming Soon" segment of the show are scenes from the new mountain board video "Flirt With Dirt" and the new "Flowlab" skateboard. Very cool. The show wraps with more big moves and Jason and Roz back at the Invert Carnival and a promise of more intense action and music coming up on the next episode of "The X Corps". Additional music by the bands "Sum 41", "Pennywise" and "Outkast". You can relax now. 12/2001 TRT-29:30 http://www.XcorpsTV.com
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Language: English

Length: 2:50

Country: United States